Daren Stump Music Project


Acoustic Guitars

- Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Acoustic/Electric

- Martin DC-15ME Acoustic/Electric

- RainSong CO-WS1000N2 Carbon Fiber Acoustic/Electric

- Epiphone Dave Navarro Signature Acoustic/Electric

- Gibson Custom-Built Jumbo J-200 Acoustic/Electric

Electric Guitars

- Paoletti "Nancy White Leather Top" Custom Handmade Telecaster

- Fender American Elite Stratocaster

- Fender Limited Edition Troublemaker Telecaster

- Gibson ES-335 Semi-Hollow Bodies (x3)

- Gibson Custom Les Pauls (x2)

 Electric Guitar Amplifier 

- Supro Black Magick Reverb 25W 1x12 Tube Combo


- Spector NS-2 (handmade) 4-String P/J

- Fender Jazz 5-String

Bass Rig

- Gallien-Kreuger 800RB Rack-Mounted Head

- Hartke 410 Cabinet


- Meinl CAJ100BU-M Snare Pedal Cajon w/Enhancement Port

- Zildjian Cymbals, Pearl Cowbell, Rhythm Tech Chimes, LP Multi-Guiro,     

     Meinl Tambourine, Dunlop Shakers, LP Claves, LP Afuche Cabasa, and much more...


- Chauvet Obey 10 DMX 512 Controller

- American DJ Punch LED PRO DMX

- Lot DJ 186 LED RGBW Par 64 DMX Stage Lights (x4)

- Stands & Trees, for UP-lighting & DOWN-lighting 

PA Systems

- For Larger Venues: 

     - Behringer Europower PMP3000 

            (16 channel, 1200W Power Mixer, 24-Bit Multi-Effects Processor)

     - JBL JRX115 15" 2-Way Passive Mains (x2)

     - Behringer B212D Active Wedge

     - Audio-Technica M2 Wireless In-Ear Monitor System w/Custom LiveWires Dual 

           Driver IEM's 

     - Alesis 3630 Dual Channel Compressor/Limiter w/Gate (x2)

     - Alesis DEQ830 

     - Mics: Blue enCORE-300 vocal mic, Shure Beta 58A, Shure SM-58, Shure SM-57, Shure 

           DMK 6-Mic Drum Kit 

- For Smaller, More Intimate, Venues:

     - Bose L1 Model II with B2 Bass Module and T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine

"One good thing about music, when it hits you,

you feel no pain."

~Bob Marley